If your circumstances have changed and you need to adapt a property to meet the needs of elderly or  disabled family members; we have the expertise to guide you through this process.

Whether you need the adaptation of an existing room or require a purpose-built extension, we can help. One of the most common rooms of the house that needs to be altered to cater for an elderly or disable person is the bathroom.

Just a few simple changes such as grab handles, shower seats and walk-in showers can make a world of difference and allow a less-able person to live an independent life.

Through experiences, we gained insight into the things that make everyday life easier to manage. It’s all in the detail – doors that are the right width to cope with a wheelchair, light switches and electrical sockets in easily accessible places, slip resistant floors in the bathroom and manageable outside access to and from the property.

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All of these things can make a massive difference to the quality of someone’s life. There are local authority regulations that have to be met and we can offer advice to help you through this process.

Once all building regulations have been met, we will carry out the necessary building works with the minimum of fuss and disruption in the best possible time scale. You can rely on the exact high standards of finish and workmanship that we set ourselves to guarantee an exceptional result.

We know that every disabled adaptation is a unique process and design and must be tailored to the needs of that specific individual to enable them to get the best out of the end product.

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