These are some of the many reason homeowners opt to convert their loft space. 

Extra Living Space in Your Home This is the first & main reason for homeowners looking to convert their loft. They want more room! Whether that is because of a child on the way or for a retirement “craft” room the loft space is an excellent way of adding space without the upheaval of extensions.

Increase the property value Adding another floor to your property will obviously increase its value (usually by more than the cost of the works!) Figures show typically a 20-25% increase with a Loft Conversion.

An Extra Bathroom In these modern busy times, an extra Bath or Shower Room is very important & Loft Conversions are ideal to provide this.

Extra Insulation Most of the heat lost through your home is via an uninsulated roof. Modern Building regulations require huge amounts of insulation within a loft conversion & as such, this will result in a warm insulated roof that will be energy efficient.

The View Although most people won’t see the view until a loft has been constructed, believe me, the wait will be worth it. Whether the view is of the Pennines or Inner City Industrial the view can be breath taking from the Third Storey!

Beat the Estate Agent Nobody likes paying these guys…. or the government in Stamp Duty. If you need an extra bedroom. Don’t Move out, Move UP!

No red tape Loft Conversions are simple when it comes to legislation. Many DO NOT require planning permission and can be started within a few weeks of a survey.

Fixed Price Building Works With no ground works or “grey” areas, we are confident enough to offer a fixed price for a full loft conversion. This gives peace of mind when compared to estimates for extensions.

Works contained within the loft space During the conversion, the rest of the house remains largely untouched. No big hole in the garden or dug up driveway. Materials are posted into the loft & the remainder of your house is business as usual!

Easy accessible storage All our loft conversions have built in storage with easy access via custom doors. No more fiddly dangerous loft ladders when its Xmas tree time. Simply open a storage cupboard door, flick on a light & it’s all to hand.





This type of loft conversion, is the simplest and most cost effect loft conversion. It is to install Velux windows without making any changes to your roofline. It works best when there is ample headroom throughout your loft, so you can make full use of all the available floor space. Planning permission is normally not needed, but planning permission may be needed if your home is located in a conservation area as the type of windows may need to be approved. This type of Velux dormer conversion, on average, can take up to 3 weeks to complete, making it very popular, cheap and ideal for those who need the space quickly.



A flat roof dormer loft conversion is typically used when the existing loft space does not have enough space for the planned conversion. Creating additional headroom to help accommodate the staircase and the new room. This type of loft conversion will have the structural floor, stair case and insulation. But with the added luxury of the newly added Dormer with the additional head space. The dormer window is normally built at the rear of the property to provide additional floor and living space. This is built by adapting the existing pitched roof into a square or rectangular section and adding vertical windows, creating light and a bigger living area. Our expert team have years of experience providing these kind of loft conversions on all types of properties such as, terraced houses, semi-detached houses and bungalows.



Hip to Gable loft conversions is typically where the ridge line of a hip end roof extends out to make a gable ended roof. A Hip to Gable loft conversion will increase the living space and usable volume or your home significantly. A rear dormer section is commonly included in a Hip to Gable conversion to increase the room size further. Our design team can build a gable end in brickwork or block work to match your existing property, if it has a hipped or sloping roof on the side of the property. Because this type of loft conversion requires altering the external shape of the roof, it is necessary to apply for planning permission before proceeding with type of project. Our planning and design specialist will do just that taking care of the planning permission and guiding you in the process.



Dormer conversions are a great way to create an extra floor in your existing home. With even the possibility of having a small balcony and lots of natural light. cater for all types of Dormer loft conversions with different types of roofs such as dormers with Velux windows, flat roof dormers or a hip to gable dormer.

Building on from the rear dormer extensions the L-shaped return involves extending the dormer across the top of the side return at the rear of the property. When space is limited in Victorian terraces, this is a fantastic way of really maximising the loft conversion space.



Mansard loft conversion requirements, require high quality workmanship. as a significant amount of construction procedure is involved in this method, we have assigned a specialist team of experts to offer reliable project management services, right from the start to finish. All the required paperwork to obtain permission from the planning authority is also performed with perfection. Our aesthetically pleasing Mansard loft conversion designs are considered most suitable for all types of terraced properties.


Most lofts can be converted and we can usually complete a loft conversions within less than 6 weeks. There will be minimum disruption as we work from outside via  the scaffolding into your roof.

Initial Contact

A member of our team will visit your home and discuss what you want from your loft conversion. We will discuss what your requirements are and what you intend to use your new space for, maybe a master bedroom, two single rooms, kids den, Dads den, play room etc.

We will advise you on the, best options for you and the suitable type of conversion, what is structurally possible, how to make the most of the space available, where staircase will more likely go, advice and information regarding the party wall Act, (If required) planning permission and planning process, rough budgets for the conversion, details on the process, time scales, schedules of works, warrantees we will provide, building controls Inspections

We will then carry out a full measurement survey of your property. We will then work out a fixed quotation for you, which will detail all proposed work and specifications.

The quotation will usually be send out within 10 days (Usually earlier) We will never pressure you to agree to a loft conversion, we will always leave you to take your time to digest and deliberate, as we understand that this is a very important decision for the whole family However, if you have any question, require further advice or you would like to discuss any part of the quotations we will be happy to assist.


If you are happy with the quote and you have decided that Smart Constructions is the right company for you, and you would like to proceed. We will initiate the full working drawings and structural calculations to be drawn up. These will comply with all current building regulations. The cost of the plans and calculations are included in the quotation.

The proposed plans will be forwarded to you for your approval before they are submitted into your local authority. Any alterations you want can be made at this point. Most loft conversions don’t need planning permission but some flats, conservation areas, or outstanding areas of natural beauty still do. Should you require planning permission our planning experts will be happy to liaise with the local authority on your behalf.

Once planning permission/lawful development is obtained or before work commences, full plans and structural calculations will be submitted to the Building Control Department or Independent Building Control Inspectors for approval. If an independent inspector is appointed, a statutory commencement notice will be sent to the council informing them when work is going to begin on your property.

We work closely and consult the appointed Inspectors throughout your conversion. Site visits to inspect the work are arranged when appropriate. Once all approvals that are required have been obtained, we will contact you and arrange and confirm a suitable start date.

Official Planning Portal

Planning permission is rarely required for Loft Conversions however building regulations are always required for a loft conversion. Click the link above and visit the official planning portal website regarding planning information for loft conversions.

Party Wall Act

If you are an owner of a terraced, end of terrace, semidetached or a detached (within 6 metres) dwelling contemplating a extension, loft conversion, this could involve some kind of work to the wall or walls between yourselves and your neighbours, these walls are classed as Party Walls and therefore you have certain responsibilities under the act, being defined as a ‘Building Owner’ under ‘The Party Wall etc. Act 1996’.

The Act requires a ‘Building Owner’ of a property intending to carry out works to a party structure to serve notice on any affected adjoining owners.
(owners of detached dwelling are not affected by the above act)

An adjoining owner cannot stop someone from exercising the rights given them by the Act, but can influence how and when the work is done.

There are three options available to an Adjoining Owner and these are described as follows:

  1. They may consent to the works described in the Notice.
  2. They may dissent from the works described in the Notice and appoint a recommended surveyor to act as an Agreed Surveyor.
  3. They may dissent from the works as described in the Notice and appoint a Surveyor of their own choice.

The Act envisages that, in most cases, there will be agreement about proposed works between the relevant owners. Therefore, it is obviously best to fully discuss your planned conversion with them prior to serving notice. A friendly discussion will allow you to explain the scope of the works and should reassure them that the work involved is relatively minor and of a straight forward nature.

However, you must receive consent to the works in writing by getting the adjoining owner to complete the counterpart of a Party Structure Notice.

Should the Adjoining Owner decide not to reply to the Notice within 14 days or dissent from the works and fail to name a Surveyor to act for them, then a ’10-day Notice’ will need to be served requesting that they do so. If they fail to respond to this a surveyor will be empowered by the Act to make an appointment on their behalf so not to cause unnecessary delay to the commencement of the building works. Unfortunately, the surveyor’s fees are generally the responsibility of the Building Owner.

Please note that the Party Wall Surveyor is a ‘statutory appointment’: he or she has no Client and cannot be dismissed or instructed. The role is to act in the best interests of the wall and parties to it and, therefore, it is quite acceptable for an adjoining owner to both dissent from your proposals and to agree to the appointment of an agreed surveyor to act for both of you. It is equally acceptable for an adjoining owner to consent to the works and this will not deprive them of their legal rights or common law protection.

Further information regarding the Act is available from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and a copy of an explanatory booklet is available on the ODPM website.

The party wall is owned by all those whose house is connected to it. Because you are planning to do a loft conversion, you have to inform the neighbour, who has a total time limit of eight weeks to get the agreement in place with you. It normally only takes two to three weeks if all parties are working together well and good will prevails!

There are two forms, one is the party wall notice form, used to formerly give your neighbour notice. The other is the acknowledgement form, which your neighbour has to sign and return, with their choice of a surveyor or not.

The neighbour can’t stop you doing the conversion, they just have the right to have any work that would be done to the party wall checked out and an agreement put in place with a party wall surveyor.

Hopefully your neighbour will sign the form and decide to go ahead without the need for a surveyor. This will save you time and money. So if you can, try to get them to agree to go ahead without a surveyor.

This is not always possible obviously!


Please click here to download a draft of a Party Wall Notice.

The Loft Conversion Process
Preparation works Before the project is due to start (usually 1-2 days) the scaffolding will be erected around the relevant sides of the property. And shoot in place This will be carried out by our scaffold division.
Your existing loft hatch is then sealed shut
An opening in your roof is created for access into the loft space.
Existing chimney and tanks are removed if required (all included in the price and no extra cost will be added)
1st fix materials are then delivered to site and usually stored on the drive. Where this is not possible, alternative arrangements can be made. If possible you may be asked if we can store some materials in a safe place. i.e outer building
We then arrange for a delivery of skip to site
Structural Works The next job is to take levels and dimensions and following the building drawings

We to set out where the all load bearing steel beams are to be sited. The beams will then be installed and secured into place.

We will then fit the new structural floor joists which are totally independent from the existing ceiling and lay the floor boarding.

When the floor is in place we upgrade the existing rafters, form the dwarf walls.

Then we Install the ridge beam (if required) and secure the whole roof structure. Once all this is done we can remove any purlin’s and trusses rafters.

The section of roof is cut away where the dormer window is going and the dormer is constructed bespoke, on site using graded timber specified by our Structural Engineer.

We ply-line the sides and front of the dormer. This method ensures that the dormer has good strength and stability to withstand strong winds

We build the Structural walls of the, hip to gable end construction, and or mansard

Electrical Works: 1st Fix New electrical circuit created, cables are laid in place either chased into masonry walls or through stubs walls or joists ready to accommodate all electrical fittings to your loft room(s)
Plumbing Works: 1st Fix Old tanks are removed

Tanks that are in use are disconnected and re-located in the void area within your loft space (all included in the price)

New pipe work is installed ready to accommodate all new sanitary ware to your shower or bath room

External Works New PVUC or Wooden Double glazed windows and doors are installed
Velux skylight windows and flashing kits are installed
Roofing work including tiling, lead work and Grp flat roof/s is completed
Install all the external materials including fascia boards, guttering, down pipes and flashing.
Dormer checks are cladded with tilesNew external walls are rendered or pebble dashed then the dormer is tile cladded finished from the exterior
Internal Works The whole of the loft is insulated to comply with Building Regulations
Internal walls are builtFlooring is laid creating loft room floorWith the floor, dwarf walls and upgrades in place we insulate the entire loft, cross batten and install stud walls for en-suites, second bedrooms or walk in wardrobes etc.
Stairs to loft area are installed
Whole area is clad with plasterboards
Two coats of plaster are applied to boarded areas
Electrical Works: 2nd Sockets points, light points, shaving point, extractors fans, isolation switches etc. are connected to the new wiring circuit for your loft

The new electrical circuit will be connected to a newly installed update Consumer unit

Please note

If your electrical wiring in your property has not been upgrade, in the recent years, it is more likely that it will not meet current safety standards

Consumer Unit must be compliance with 17th Edition with RCD protection for all circuits. We will upgrade your consumer unit for you and issue a NIC CIE certificate (this is all included in the price)

Electrical Works: 2nd Fix Plumbing Works: 2nd Fix Plug sockets, light points, shaving point, extractors fans etc. are connected to the wiring in your loft
Connection is made to your existing fuse boardIf your electrics have not been upgrade in the recent years, it is more likely that it will not meet current safety regulation.Consumer unit must be compliance with 17th edition with RCD protection for all circuits. We will upgrade your consumer unit and issue a NIC CIE certificate (this is all included in the price)Radiators, sanitary ware, and new boilers are installed
Waste connections are connected into your existing drainage system
Existing S.V.P is extended
Second Fix Works Skirting and architrave is fixed throughout
½-hour fire checked doors with self-closing devices are hung
Self-closing devices are fitted to all existing doors that lead onto the stairwell
Completion The entire site is cleared and left tidy
Scaffolding is removed from site
All skips are removed from site
Building Control Approval Inspections from the appointed Building Inspector will take place throughout critical stages of the loft conversion.

A final inspection will be carried out by the building Control Inspector and a completion certificates issued

Relevant regulatory bodies the Local Council, Appointed building inspector, NIC CIE and GAS SAFE (if required) will be notified and a copy will also be issue to you for safe keeping.

Both our 10-year warranty and 10-year independent Insurance back warranty will be issued (which is all included in the price}

We will also issue you a 10-year insurance back warranty for your dormer GRP flat roof.

Here at Smart Constructions, we are ‘Loft Conversion Specialist’, we will provide all the relevant competent certifications required by the Local Authority Building Control or appointed Building Control Inspector, which will include  GAS SAFE, NICEIC  and FENSA. These certification will be required before your final Completion Certificate will be issued by the Local Authority or appointed Building Control Inspector

We can assure you that you will be extremely happy with our service and our high standards of craftsmanship. We also offer you a 10-year Insurance Back Guarantee at no extra cost, included in our final price, This is for ultimate ‘Peace Of Mind’. Please take a look at ‘Our Guarantee’ page.

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