Insurance Back Guarantee (IBG)

What are Insurance Back Guarantees

There is a protection mechanism for both us (the contractor and you the customer), in the unlikely event of the company ceases to trade.

Your contractor’s written guarantee sets out his obligation to rectify defects in your installation. It cannot however guarantee that they will always be around. If a contractor ceases to trade, and defects subsequently develop in your installation, the contractor’s guarantee, although made in good faith, with the best of intentions, would be functionally useless. This is a particularly relevant concern as you have to fork out a huge sum of your well hard earned cash for  defective work.

This means that their guarantees can be protected by an insurance policy, underwritten by an onshore, UK-based, FSA registered insurer. In the event that the contractor ceases to trade and is unable to honour the terms of their written guarantee with the insurer; the insurer’s agents will take the place of the contractor and the policy of insurance taking the place of their written guarantee.

Obviously ceasing to trade is the last thing on any Company’s minds, however nothing in life is guaranteed; remember what happened to collapse of ‘HBOS’ in 2008. No one would have seen that coming.

So always remember big or small, nothing is guaranteed.

We offer a IBG with all of our work at no extra cost

  • We are all for our customer and IBG raise customer’s confidence and trust.
  • IBG provide peace of min, vital protection and security for the building’s owner or funder.
  • We are extremely confident that our workmanship meets the highest standards.
  • It sets us apart from other contractors who cannot offer such a guarantee.
  • It enables us to submit and win tenders on contracts where an insurance backed guarantee is a requirement.

What does this mean

  • It demonstrates the fact that we have been vetted and have  satisfied insurers as to the quality and reliability of our work, as well as our track record.
  • You’ll never be out of pocket as they will support our guarantee
  • Your Home Improvement Project – is guaranteed (for up to 10 years).
  • Deposit – safeguarded (from the start of the build)
  • Company ceases trading – Project still completed (so you’re not left out of pocket).

Whatever happens, you’re protected

Smart Constructions is a member of Home Pro (established by the government) and Build Assure insurance, as such is authorised to offer you an Insurance Backed Guarantee. We understand that you need reassurance that any company you hire isn’t going to let you down.

Deposits protected

Covering deposits of up to 25% of the value of the contracted work.

Work in progress, completed

Ensuring projects are completed by an accredited company if your contracted one ceases trading.

Protected from the start

  • Cover is free and it starts as soon as you receive your policy certificate
  • Your policy is automatically lodged with the insurer
  • Your Insurance Backed Guarantee is valid for up to 10 years.
  • Your guarantee never needs renewing.
  • You can even transfer it if you sell your home.


It’s a simple process, when your home improvement  is completed to your satisfaction, we will apply for a certificate of insurance, giving you complete peace of mind in the quality of our work and our commitment to you.

10-Year Independent Guarantee

Converting your loft, building an extension or any type of building work in your home can sound like a daunting prospect, especially when you hear the horror stories about rogue builders running amok or if you have watched the channel 5 episodes of ‘Cowboy Builders’.

Also when it comes to any major home improvement,  you want to make a quality investment that will last for many years to come.

That’s why we at Smart Constructions make a point of recognising these concerns with an unrivalled 10-year warranty on our structural work.

All of our work come with an independently underwritten 10-year full structural warranty at no extra cost.

Build Assure underwrite all of our work and will cover works up to £1 million for the 10-year period.

Please take time to read the terms and conditions of the IBG policy.








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